Acne Out
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  • ACNE OUT active lotion -60ml

ACNE OUT active lotion -60ml

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ACNE OUT is a special care lotion suitable for skin suffering from mild and moderate to severe acne pustules on the face, back and neck. It is suitable for oily skin which is prone to frequent bacterial infections. The unique formula regulates oiliness, prevents blackheads and pimples on the skin and includes antibacterial ingredients with a broad spectrum of action. Patented powerful antibacterial formulation with incredible results.

Acne occurs in adults and teenagers when a buildup of sebum oil and dead skin cells clog the pores on your skin. Acne causing bacteria feeds on sebum oil, so when a pore is clogged and the sebum oil can't escape the bacteria will flourish. Levels of sebum oil are directly affected by hormonal levels.


Suitable for:

  • oily skin with acne
  • enlarged pores and blackheads
  • single pustules
  • ingrown hairs after epilation
  • folliculitis

Provides the fastest penetration and influence of inflammatory and non-inflammatory purulent rash - pimples.Apply the lotion with a cotton pad on the affected skin areas twice to four times a day or follow the instruction of your Dermatoligist.

Recommended to use this product in conjunction with other products from our Acne out series for optimal results.

Stops inflammation quickly!

  • Prevents pimples
  • Suppresses the development of blackheads
  • Regulates oil secretion

Our dermo cosmetic products contain selected active ingredients that guarantee the optimal efficacy and the minimum risk of side effects.

Samples available upon request.

The product range is PABA free, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic as well as meeting all European quality requirements and standards.It is clinically tested for efficacy and safety and recommended by all leading Dermatologists.

The patented formula of our Acne Out series provides adequate care for skin prone to acne and oiliness, blackheads and enlarged pores. The active ingredient has powerful antibacterial action which eliminates the main cause of the condition - Propionibacterium acnes


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