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  • Eye & Brow Kit. (Marrone)

Eye & Brow Kit. (Marrone)

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BellaPierre New!! eye and brow kit was put together to replace conventional eyebrow fillers and liquid eyeliner, this simple 2 step system allows you to fill your brows and paint your eyeliner. The colours are made with our famous 100% Mineral powders Together with our easy to use angled brush and a "clear mascara" for the ultimate brow grooming. This kit includes full instructions and "Tips and Expert advise".

Kit Includes:

  • 1 Shimmer Powders:

BC002 - Marrone

  • 1 liner/brow brush
  • 1 clear mascara
  • 1 instructions

Step 1.
Tap a small amount of your Bellapierre colour of choice into the lid of the shimmer container. Dip your Bellapierre angled Brow/Liner Brush into the shimmer powder then swirl the brush into the lid until the minerals are absorbed into the tapers of the brush. Tap off excess powder.
Step 2.
With soft, light strokes use your shimmer powder of choice to fill in your natural brow shape. Start at the arch of the brow, moving along the head and finishing at the tail.
Step 3.
Finish off by applying Bellapierre Clear Mascara to set colour and achieve an all day polished look.
*Note: You can also use the clear mascara on perfectly natural brows or before applying the brow colour to prepare brows.

Step 1.
Tap a small amount of your Bellapierre colour of choice into the lid of the shimmer container.
Add 2 to 3 drops of water into lid.
Step 2.
Using your Bellapierre Brow/Liner brush mix the water and mineral shimmer powder of choice into a thin paste (add more water if needed) using the shimmer container lid as your palette.
Start at the outer corner of your eyelid. Glide the brush along the edge of the eye lid.
*Note: Shimmer powder can also be used as dry eyeliner without water.


Please click on link "top of page" to view full range and colours.




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