Name- Caoimhe

Country/City you live- Irish, living in Barcelona

Skin type- combinational

Skin concerns-acne


* This interview is our customer’s actual review and has been published with the customer’s consent.



Customer Interview

Tell us about yourself Ona- My name is Caoimhe, I’m Irish and I live in Barcelona. I teach a range of online pilates alongside modeling and ugc creating for brands.

1. How did you find out about Biofresh skincare and the products?

After coming off the pill I got post-pill acne 5 months later. It also took me 5 months to get professional help as I was completely lost on where to turn. I had been aware of Kerris acne journey with biofresh and when I saw the results they had gotten with so many people I had to give it one last shot before turning to medications or going back on the pill. I’m so glad I hung on there a little longer.

2.. What was/is your first impression about biofresh and the products?

I had instant results. I felt my skin thanking me every time I did my skincare.

I don’t feel like I’m stripping my skin like previous years when trying products.

3. Did you try any biofresh treatments? Did you find they worked?

Yes I believe the treatments are key in the process for me. After my first deep clean I had instant results just after 3 days.

Q4. What skin concerns did/do you have?

– or tell us a brief skin history

Post pill acne returning. I am prone to blackheads and oily t zones and dry on the cheeks.

6. What Biofresh products are you using?

I’m using the probiotic range & acneaut products along with pure skin spf. I have also switched my makeup to bellapierre

Q7. How long did it take to see the result?

Instant. I am now 4 months on biofresh and my skin has completely transformed.

8. Did you ever try other skincare brand products?

Yes, Years and years of trying different expensive products.

9. After your skin was improved, how did you feel and why?

I don’t know myself. I remember saying to myself back in October 2022 when starting out on biofresh that if I can get to the bottom of this by January 2023 that would be a dream. I cannot believe it sometimes.

10. Did you ever try skin medication? Did it work?

Yaz pill, yes masked teenage acne. Acne returned the minute i stopped.

-If you could give your younger self some positive advice, what would it be?

To reach out to a professional. Make skincare a priority.

– If you could give someone reading this who is struggling with their skin some advice, what would that be?

Understand that it will get better in time. Seek professional advice. Don’t waste money on trendy products promoted on channels like tik tok etc. Think about switching your makeup to mineral.