Meet our Brand Ambassador
Katie Geoghan
International Fashion Model
Katie is an Irish Model who catwalks all over Europe, as well as in many campaigns across the globe.


How did you hear about Biofresh?

I was doing a fashion show a few years ago and met the fab Catherine and some of the team who were doing the models make up and they recommended that I tried their products for my bad acne at the time and I never looked back since

Why is it like no other brand?

It’s out on its own in terms of being 100% natural, it’s sooo gentle on the skin and the fact that it’s cruelty free and even pregnant women can use it says enough about how amazing it is for everyone!!!

What product could you not leave your house without??

Ohhh there is so many how can I choose just one my current favourites are the hyaluronic acid and also the pure skin moisturiser with spf 50. The two of these together makes me look like I just came from a facial with the glow it gives while also protecting my skin .

Top three hero beauty/makeup products

So the probiotic cleanser along without the rose water I use religiously and also I’m obsessed with the mineral foundation as it gives me full coverage but also heals the skin while wearing it which is bonus points

Fav facial treatment?

I love the micro needling, it produces extra collagen and helps reduce my acne scars and texture on my skin

Why you choose to use only Biofresh skincare?

I choose Biofresh only because of all the different brand I’ve tried and money I’ve spent it’s the only range I find works for me and also the fact that it’s Irish owned makes me even prouder to support it not everyday you find some-thing you love that’s affordable but Amazing!!!!