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2018 07 01

Summer Skin

Hey guys!

Firstly thanks to everyone who has mailed me or contacted me about skincare and I will get back to everyone ASAP, but I was away for a very short and sweet trip away for my partners 30th.I was actually super nervous about my usual skincare as I haven’t been away without any of my daily products in a very long time so I wasn’t sure what to bring or how my skin and makeup would react to a different climate. So as every woman does, I packed far too much and forgot far too much! Ha!!! Typical! So I’m gna make a little list on what I needed, what I used and what I stupidly forgot.I packed the usual 100ml products into a plastic sandwich bag, decanting what liquids I thought I needed into little bottles, (the stress) as I was only carrying hand luggage for such a short trip.So here’s what I learned, which some of you may know but others may not so I’ll pop them down anyway.

Some makeup products do not need to be put into a liquid bag., which means you can carry a makeup bag in your hand luggage, so bare this in mind! This means the following items to not need to be stressfully added to that dreaded plastic bag at security.basically try and leave as much liquids behind and bring mainly powders, which luckily there are now so many amazing products now that don’t need to be liquid.

2018 07 02

Items that don’t need to be bagged

  • Mineral makeup- (powder based)
  • Bronzers (powder based)
  • Blotting powders
  • Eyeshadows
  • Lip liners
  • Eye liners
  • Lip balms (not lips glosses)
  • Palates (ones they only contain powders)
  • Makeup brushes
  • Wipes

Items that need to be added are the following

  • Shampoo
  • Creams and lotions
  • Suncream
  • Oils
  • Perfume
  • Foundations
  • Lipglosses
  • Liquid highlighter
  • Basically anything with a liquid consistency

My biggest bit of info is never try and bring too much, last year I stupidly tried to carry two sandwich bags full of cosmetics to a wedding abroad, which security dumped in front of my eyes!!!! My boyfriend had already gone on ahead to buy headphones and I actually didn’t know if I should cry or be angry.. totally my fault, anyway lived and learned.

2018 07 03

Be practical with what you need, I find my foundation slips off my face in the heat, so I use a mineral based powder foundation, the bellapierre one is breathable, can be worn alone and can be built to a high coverage or low coverage, it also contains a nice light pigment That gives a nice finish to the skin without looking Cakey or too Matt.

Secondly I didn’t bother bringing away any eyeshadow this year, as my highlighting palate contained golds/brown and peach tones so I doubled up and used the palette for both my face and eyes! Winner!

Then I threw in a mascara, lipgloss and eyeliner and boom that’s all I needed!

2018 07 04

Skincare was another matter tho. I did in fact decant all my cleansers, Toner and acne out into little pots and took sample size with me too, so I wouldn’t break out!

2018 07 05

As with most people who suffer with break outs, I used to get a few pimples on my back and chest, but hadn’t had one in over a year as I use acne out soap in the shower which does the trick and has kept my skin clear for ages now, I also don’t use any moisturizer s that contain any chemicals and try and stick to the natural body lotion from biofresh, however I didn’t think to pack anything for my body as I was using a suntan lotion, which sadly after only two days caused my chest and back to start breaking out! I was raging!!! But again, lesson learned and I know now that I need to stick with what works for me and not take the chances.

2018 07 06

I hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine, and for those staying in Ireland and to those going away, don’t forget your skincare routine as your skin will thank you when the climate changes, try and remember your factor 50 on the face and try and wear breathable mineral makeup during the day instead of foundations, not only will it stay on all day but it will prevent any blemishes which can flare up.

All products are available from biofresh skincare

As always thank you for following my skincare journey

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2018 07 07