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Biofresh Brand Ambassador  - Kerri-Nicole Blanc


Photo credits, Jerry McCarthy and Patrick Quinn Byrne

Who am I?

My name is Kerri-Nicole Blanc and my main title has to be ‘mommy’ to my beautiful 7year old daughter Kayla,However I'm also a full-time Irish model and have been lucky enough to work as a regular model on Tv3, Xpose, and Ireland Am, I also model in fashions shows, shoots, and well-known clothing brands and for online stores etc.

Before falling into modelling full time, I worked in the most gorgeous Beauty Day Spa after training as a Beauty and massage therapist (which I absolutely adored and will hopefully one day get back into)



My acne skin journey started later in life, I was actually lucky enough to have gotten off lightly as a teenager with my skin and rarely had any breakouts at all, in fact, I don't actually remember getting any spots at all until I was pregnant, which came as a drastic shock to my already changing appearance. Thankfully though they did clear up after Kayla was born.

However a couple of years later I tried a new contraception, and thanks to female hormones (lucky us..) I started breaking out horrifically and drastically. What started as a couple of pimples on my chin, soon turned into clusters of full-blown blisters spreading up into my cheeks, I tried absolutely every gimmick available on the market. From high end priced products promising the sun moon and stars to most acne formulas available in your local chemist, (which may work for some people), but for me, I was left with dehydrated, red aggravated skin, that not only now looked like spots, but the skin was so dry from the harsh chemicals I now had a mix of what I can only describe as scabby looking skin under a cake of makeup I used to try and cover them. My skin was so aggravated that every time I would apply my foundation it would sting.

(Sounds sexy right..) Although I may laugh at this experience now and tell myself I was acting superficial and vain, I really felt like crap.

 I looked in the mirror and I cried every day, and I know only those of you who have had a hard time with your skin will know that feeling, but it's a horrible feeling. I was diagnosed with adult Acne and As a last resort for me, I was placed on a 6month oral prescription from my GP.

 3 months in and my skin was no better. I was going around in circles at this stage, disheartened, i genuinely felt like my face would be forever covered in blisters.


Working as a model during this time was embarrassing, even though looking back I don't think many even noticed, or at least they pretended they didn’t. But I did and being told I had to arrive with a clear clean face for a job when all you want is to wear a mask was nerve wrecking.

I was sat in tv3 one morning when a friend of mine, Gail, recommended I tried a product called ‘Acne Out’, she claimed it worked for herself and her sister. But I was done wasting my money on trying any more new products, I was done getting my hopes up about finding anything at all that would work, no matter who recommended it.

About a month later I was modelling at a makeup masterclass for the very talented makeup artist “Tara Makeup”, where she very kindly gifted me a goody bag afterward, inside was a tester pot of the product that my friend Gail had been telling me about “Acne Out”

I reluctantly tried the product that night, expecting nothing to be very honest. But shockingly when i woke up the redness had gone down dramatically overnight, and the spots were already shrinking.

So that morning i rang biofresh in swords straight away and ordered the full size products and followed their instructions and within 6 weeks every spot on my face was gone.


After 6 weeks

I’m not Joking, I’m not exaggerating in any way. But these products absolutely changed my life.

I have been using the products from Biofresh skincare since then and have now been Acne free one full year, And a couple of weeks ago i was asked to become the Brand Ambassador for Biofresh skincare products to help promote them throughout ireland.

 I won’t lie, I was apprehensive about taking on the role as I don’t believe every product on the internet is truthfully promoted these days, but these products speak for themselves, so i can proudly and without any hesitation say how incredible they are.

I'm excited to help girls in the same boat as I was, feel good about themselves again, so over the coming months I will do my best to reply to every enquiry I can help with, (none are silly, so don't be afraid to ask me) i will demonstrate each different product, including a step to step guide on the Acne Out products.

Thank you for reading,




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