Natalie Lennon

—————Influencer, Personal Trainer

How did you hear about Biofresh?

Kerri-Nicole reached out to me to ask if Biofresh could help me with my acne which was absolutely crippling my confidence. I had lost all hope in healing my skin but looking at Kerri’s journey and her reassurance that it would help – I never looked back after I started. Best decision I ever made.

Why is it like no other brand?

No other brand ever worked for me. And no other brand works as hard as Team Biofresh to TRULY try change lives through better skin and educating their followers and clients rather. Biofresh care. That’s a very rare trait these days.❤

What product could you not leave your house without??

My Acnaut lotion!!!! Lifesaver when you feel a little spot coming on. Or my BellaPierre mineral powder foundation… it’s a tie between the two!

Top three hero beauty/makeup products:

-Mineral powder foundation
-Acnaut lotion
-Hyaluronic Serum (lovvvce!)

Fav facial treatment:

I’ve been really seeing the benefits of microneedling! Love it.

Why you choose to use only Biofresh skincare?

I’ve turned down so many other big brands because Biofresh skincare is the only brand that worked for me, when I was at my lowest with poor skin. And I’ve never saw a team to work so hard, aiming to help so many other people.