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Is your skin addicted to chemicals

 Another more vigorously contented argument by advocates of natural beauty products is that they do not create any sort of dependencies. Many synthetic products have been found guilty of this .For instance a product which seemingly claimed to help people get rid of their dry skin was actually doing more harm .On scientific evaluation it was found that it could not indeed provide temporary relief. But, in the long run one had to remain hooked to it or else the skin would be worse off than it was before.

This in effect is like a cigarette addiction for your skin. Just like nicotine addicts need more and more doses to feel normal, you would have to apply more and more of the product to keep the temporary relief going until one fine day you discover you have inflicted some serious problems on to yourself in doing so!

This is absolutely not the case with natural beauty products .You can use or not use them completely at your own free will. In fact, many claim they will take longer to produce the desired effect, but once the effect is seen absolutely no more application would be required. You could still continue if you wanted to! There would be no harm, but the product in itself does not mandate any sort of addiction.


"Feel Beautiful "is not just a tag-line or an advertising campaign. It is philosophy embodied in natural beauty products. When we use them, a lot of them contain what is called antioxidants. Antioxidants are materials which help build up our immune system against the antibodies that damage our system.
Antioxidants help you combat stress and pollution effectively and fight off the damaging effects of free radical damage.After a few days you begin to feel energetic and more charged up for the day. This may give the impression of being on steroids. But, the truth is quire the reverse, you were on parasites earlier! You were earlier exposed to antibodies rather than antioxidants and just keep wondering, why you felt ten years older than you actually were.