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Natural Skin Care vs Synthetic Skin Care

Natural Skin Care Synthetic Skin Care
Offers Sustainability
Biodegradable Ingredients
Ingredients are Natural or Organic
No petroleum or petroleum by products
Highest Quality Ingredients
No artificial colours, preservatives
Fragrances, or ingredients
Earth friendly formulas
Cruelty Free
Contains Petrochemicals
Chemical Preservatives
Harsh Detergents
Synthetic additives
Not as effective
Can be toxic
Often tested on animals

Natural Ingredients:
The most important thing to consider before applying anything on the body is where it came from. Most of us have been so conditioned to use synthetic beauty products that we have used for years without paying attention to what they contain and whether they are effective at all.Being rational and not believing anything at face value we must act responsibly and always check out what we apply on our body. Checking the packaging of a product is a good way to understand its ingredients.Odds are that if you are not a medical professional, you will not understand what they are! But with the internet at our disposal, beauty companies can no longer use jargon to have their way in selling anything to us. Just try Googling what those ingredients really are and try and figure out their effects on the body or you can use this very valuable website which will answer all your questions.

You will be alarmed to say the least to find out the number of disorders and allergies this stuff is associated with! Not more than 60% of it is fit for application on the human body. In some cases they are even known to contain carcinogenic material.
As against all this try to Google the ingredients of natural beauty products .Firstly, about 50% of the materials can be recognized straight off the cover.Everyone knows what a papaya is and whether it can help your skin.The remaining 50% may be exotic herbs,essential oils or other natural ingredients which the average person may not have heard about.Ingredients of these natural beauty products are 100% fit for application on the body.They have been created by Mother Nature to enhance our well being.