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The Big Coverup!!

The reason why natural beauty products are in the limelight is not because they are new. They are century and even millennia old recipes that have been time tested for their effectiveness. But they were taken over, by the ''quick fix '' methods that have seemingly been made possible by advances in science and medical technology .But of late, the side effects of the same have come to the forefront.

Almost every ingredient used in synthetic beauty products is single handedly capable of producing grave bodily harm in the form of side effects. Allergies and skin infections are common occurrences. Some have gone even further to dangerous and potential fatal diseases like cancer.

Natural beauty products promote the idea of feeling beautiful as opposed to looking beautiful. This is why they take longer to show their effects. They solve the problem from the root cause. Most natural products will talk about a holistic approach in dealing with it. The skin is nothing but a mirror of the body .Good skin signals good underlying health, which is also why people find it so attractive.

Real beauty is earned and any product promising overnight results is nothing but a way to use your fascination for beauty and extort money from your pocket

No Odour
When you apply natural products you tend to feel better .A part of the experience is caused by the freshness of the smell that you feel! Most people would have been used to the pungent chemical smell of the synthetic products which may be disguised using fragrances. The reason being, that if they were not used, you wouldn't apply them at all, for the sheer stink that they produce.
As you do research on the ingredients, you will discover that most of these are not even Class A chemical ingredients. They may be by-product of a process. And that will not be looking good for smelling. It needs serious disguising, which is why fragrances are used.
But with natural products, you can often tell the ingredients just by the smell.The important thing under consideration here is that natural ingredients are accepted and fit almost seamlessly with our body as against synthetic ingredients which come from shady sources and are detested by our body.