Anti-Wrinkle Serum with Retinol 0.2%

Note: Not Suitable For Pregnant or Nursing Mothers

Basic actions:

– Accelerates cellular metabolism
– Accelerates skin regeneration
– Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
– Stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin
– Smoothens and tightens the skin
– Fights the signs of aging and restores the skin’s youthful appearance

A serum that reduces fine lines and wrinkles, stimulates collagen synthesis and cell renewal, smoothens and tightens the skin. It contains a new 4th generation retinoid – hydroxypinacolone retinoate (HPR), with a highly effective and fast action, without irritating the skin.

Apply in the evening to clean and dry skin, avoiding the eye area. The use of SPF 50+ sunscreen during the day is mandatory. Do not use it together with other products containing retinol.

Active ingredients

Hydroxypinacolon retinoate – HPR

An advanced and proven effective form of vitamin A, which is synthesized from retinoic acid and a small molecule pinacol. It provides instant
penetration of the entire quantity, without losses and additional metabolizing.

HPR acts much more quickly and effectively on the aging signs – fine lines, wrinkles, loss of density and volume, hyperpigmentation, while the formula is extremely stable, with almost no irritating effect.

About Retinol

Retinoids /Retinol, Retinaldehyde, Retinyl esters/ go through several metabolic transformations, penetrating our skin after application, until they reach their biologically active form – retinoic acid. Whatever retinoid is applied, it must be converted to retinoic acid in order to be absorbed by the skin.

The fewer the steps of transformation, the faster and more effectively the retinoid acts.

An all-trans direct retinoic acid ester and therefore no conversion is necessary – the ingredient activates its action immediately.





*100% Tolerance and no side effects

According to a clinical test conducted with 30 volunteers and applying HPR 0.2% for 28 days.