A light airy emulsion for the care,comfort and protection of the facial skin.An excellent ally in the fight against premature ageing.It improves the skin’s resistance to the UV radiation and the other environmental stress factors.The formula contains UVA and UVB filters.

Apply each morning using light circular movements on a well cleansed face until fully absorbed.

Active Ingredients used in the Linea Spa Rose range.

SAFLOR OIL – extracted from the seeds of Carthamus tinctorius. Seeds of the plant have been found in Egyptian tombs dating back 4,000 years. The oil is known for its high content of vitamin F in the form of linoleic acid / omega – 6 /, which is not synthesized by the human body. The ingredient has moisture-retaining, nourishing and hydrating properties. It penetrates extremely quickly, is suitable for hair, nails and all skin types.DAMASK ROSE OIL – has a tonic effect, smoothes wrinkles, restores the density and elasticity of the skin, helps neutralize harmful free radicals. Rose oil has been used for centuries for healing, harmony, romance and enjoyment. Suitable for all skin types.BIZABOLOL –the most effective active ingredient in chamomile, which is due to the healing power of the herb. The ingredient protects the skin from the negative effects of daily aggressors and stress. Proven to accelerate the process of its recovery, has a calming and anti-inflammatory effect. Bisabolol has antioxidant and bactericidal properties, helps to increase the bioactivity of other ingredients in cosmetic products. Especially suitable for sensitive skin.ROSEWATER –a wonderful universal refreshing agent for the skin, as it has a natural firming and toning effect. Frequent use helps to cleanse and tighten facial pores. Rose water regulates and balances the production of sebum, making it useful for both dry and oily skin. Its antibacterial properties help fight acne. Its action in all types of dermatitis is also known. It also does not irritate dry or sensitive skin. There is dissolved rose oil in it.SWEETONE® an innovative active ingredient obtained biologically from the fruit extract of the plant Schizandra sphenanthera, growing in China. SWEETONE has been proven to reduce skin inflammation and affect skin imperfections, thus soothing sensitive and reddened skin. By reducing the synthesis of melanin and limiting its spread, the ingredient affects the pigmentation caused by ultraviolet rays, skin aging and stress.BIOLIQUEFIED BULGARIAN ROSE – Bulgarian rose extract, obtained by patented enzyme-based technology – Molecular Bioliquefaction Technology. It has a high antioxidant capacity, soothes, hydrates and protects the skin.ZYMO CLEAR MD– a high-tech ingredient that effectively combines the action of the enzymes lipase and prosthesis with maltodextrins. Thanks to this combination, ZYMO CLEAR cleanses by removing dead skin cells, also moisturizes and protects it.VENUCEANE ™ – a high-tech product obtained by cultivating extremophilic algae, which protects cells from harmful UV radiation. The ingredient guarantees the construction of a highly effective skin barrier, thus providing optimal protection for the epidermis and dermis.BIOPEPTIDE CL ™  – extremely effective, but at the same time safe alternative to vitamin A (retinoic acid). The ingredient is designed to have a resemblance to lipids in the skin and to penetrate (penetrate) it as much as possible. Proven to intensify the synthesis of collagen and naturally occurring hyaluronic acid in the skin. Regular use restores the functions of the skin, thickens its structure, reduces deep wrinkles and smoothes the roughness of the skin.SYMLIFT TM  – ingredient for visible instant lifting with anti age action after 5 minutes. Improves the overall appearance of the skin in 30 minutes. The smoothing of the microrelief and wrinkles of the skin has been confirmed by clinical tests and sensory evaluation. Contains ingredients with immediate smoothing and hydrating action – oat beta glucans, hyaluronic acid, barley extract.VITAMIN E – fat-soluble vitamin, an important antioxidant. Keeps skin vibrant and helps tissue repair.SHEA OIL –  contains saturated and unsaturated fatty acids (oleic, stearic, linoleic, palmitic, linolenic), vitamins A, E, F, polyphenols, antioxidants. Due to its extremely rich composition, Shea butter is a preferred component for many cosmetic products. Nourishes, regenerates, hydrates and protects the skin. It is a natural UV filter. The melting temperature of Shea butter, close to body temperature, makes it easily soluble in contact with the skin, leaving a silky feeling.HYALURONIC ACID –the most hydrating biopolymer – has the exceptional ability to retain nearly a thousand times more water than its own weight. It is naturally contained in human tissue and has the “task” of capturing water in the skin. Applied in a cosmetic product, it acts as a powerful moisturizer. The effect of its action is extremely fast and complex – it retains the water from the cosmetic formulation, captures moisture from the air and at the same time forms a film on the skin, preventing the evaporation of the water contained therein. Hyaluronic acid found in a cosmetic product CANNOT penetrate deeply and be included in the structure of the skin.BEAUTIFEYE ™– innovative and comprehensive care for the eye contour. Proven to rejuvenate the area around the eyes by fighting wrinkles, dark circles, bags and raises the upper eyelid.Creatine – a natural skin coenzyme that charges cells with energy. Accelerates cellular functions, strengthens the skin’s defense mechanisms, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and ceramides.