Note: Not Suitable For Pregnant or Nursing Mothers

Deep hydrating and vitamin enriched cream mask, specially formulated for the fast restoring of dry, damaged and dehydrated skin.It contains D-Panthenol and is perfectly pH balanced which makes it suitable for use after chemical and laser peels.

HOW TO USE:Hydromask is a leave on cream mask. Apply lavishly and wait until it is truly absorbed. For the fast relief after burning of the skin use it twice daily until complete recovery.After laser and chemical peels the mask is applied at the end of each procedure and 3 times weekly at bedtime betweeen the procedures. For extremely damaged skin – apply 2-3 times weekly in the evening.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS:D-Panthenol Vitamin E Vitamin A

DIRECTIONS:Dry and damaged skin After chemical or laser peels

EFFECT:Hydrating and revitalizing the skin Restores damaged and injured skin.