Our NEW protective face shield is designed to be used as personal protective equipment that keeps the face and eyes from contact with airborne transmission of pathogen, infectious agents, droplets, blood, fluids or dust. Our mask is intended to be used in Emergency Departments; Hospitals; Dental clinics; Biological or Clinical Laboratories; Food processing industry, Retail stores,Office blocks,Checkpoints ,Airports etc.

* Restricts full contact with the face.It covers and protects eyes, nose and mouth
* Designed for reusable use.Easy to wash and clean
* Convenient design,suitable for wearing glasses.Adjusts according to head size and fits perfect
* For professional and non-professional use.Ergonomic,lightweight and comfortable without straining the neck and head.
* Available with blue or white head strap.
 *CE ISO 9001:2015 TUV- NORD certified product
  • Designed to be appropriate for repeated disinfection/sterilization – sponge; padding; textile free product
  • Lightweight – 90 grams 
  • Adjustable strap that fits men or women
  • The strap is made of material that does not slide on hair and does not soak up
  • Anti-reflex and anti-fog visor
  • Virgin materials – harmless, nontoxic and recyclable; European tested; of European origin;
Specific features • Our face shield is CE ISO 9001:2015 TUV- NORD certified product; • Multiuse Personal protective equipment ( PPE); • Lightweight – 90 grams ; •  Designed to be appropriate for repeated disinfection/sterilization – sponge; padding; textile free product; •  Virgin materials  – harmless, nontoxic and recyclable;  European tested; of European origin; • Adjustable strap that fits men or women;  •  The strap is made of material that does not slide on hair and does not soak up; • Designed to fit over glasses and protective mask; • Designed to allow proper air circulation; • Anti-reflex and anti-fog visor. Technical specification Protective visor  –  • Copolyester PET; • 100% visibility; • Anti-reflex; • Thickness 0,5 mm;   Do not expose to direct sunlight; do not heat the visor; avoid use of abrasives when cleaning to prevent from scratching; wash/sterilize alone to prevent the visor from scratching.
Front holder brace •  Polypropilene PP – material that is in the List of Authorized Substances of Regulation 10/2011/EC on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food; •  This product is suitable for contact with dry, aqueous, acidic, ethanolic and fatty foodstuff; •  This material is free form Heavy metals and their compounds: Antimony, Arsenic, Barium, Beryllium, Bismuth, Cadmium, Chromium (VI), Lead, Mercury, Nickel, Selenium, Tin; •   This material is Bisphenol-A FREE . Do not heat the holder at temperature more than 70 C . Neck support strap –  • Elastomer ; • Density – 1,18 g/m3 – Testing method : ISO 2781; • Material can be exposed to temperature up to 80 C for 2-3 hours; • Silicone free; • Environmental resistance : Ozone Excellent Water Excellent Alcohol Excellent Sulphuric Acid Excellent Detergent Excellent.


BE SURE TO DISINFECT THE FACE SHIELD PRIOR TO ITS FIRST USE AND IMMEDIATELY AFTER UNPACKING due to the ability of the coronavirus causing COVID-19 to survive for greater durations on smooth surfaces; disinfect the Face Shield also after each subsequent use, DOING THIS ALWAYS WITH SAFETY GLOVES PUT ON THE HANDS.

Always use the shield together with a face mask for nose and mouth protection and follow distancing and personal hygiene rules. It should never be used as a sole and sufficient personal protective equipment – The face shield is an ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT.