An expert formula suitable for the express regeneration and intensive protection of the color of dry, damaged and treated hair. With its active nourishing and overall strengthening action, the mask provides optimal scalp and hair care.


  • FLOWER WATER ROSAALBA – 100% puredistilledrosewaterobtainedfromfreshRosaAlbablossoms. Characterized by a delicate floral scent as well as moisturizing, regenerative and toning properties, it is also richinbiologically active substances;
  • FIBERHANCE™ BM SOLUTION – an innovative patented molecule developed specially to strengthen the hair from within. Owing to its multifunctional mode of action, it penetrates deep into the hair shaft and enhances its strength up to 3 times.
  • GLUADIN® WLM BENZ – a wheat micro-protein developed for depth penetration into the hair and its effective protection and regeneration. It is good at smoothing the hair shaft and forms a protective film on its surface against the everyday aggressors (brushing, styling, dyeing);

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: After washing with shampoo, apply the mask on humid hair, paying special attention to the tips. Leave to act for 2 – 3 minutes and afterwards rinse abundantly with water.

Volume: 200 ml.